Friday, March 20, 2009

She's a big girl now!

Freya has surprised me in the last week. Outside of the incident with my boyfriend, she's been doing fine and I've been dealing with it as it happens. If Cloud instigates when she's in her kennel trying to eat or play with something, I'll lock him outside in the yard--which he doesn't mind cause there's a girl dog next door that he likes. Freya is really starting to learn how to play by herself. She was growling at her orka bone and scramblin it with her back legs while she's on her back--it was quite cute!

Since putting her in a harness, she at least isn't choking herself when we go walking with her brother and dad. My boyfriend likes to run and that particular day I was wearing just regular dress boots with no traction so I couldn't run on the wet grass lest I bust my butt or even worse break something. It drove Freya crazy! I never have any pulling issues unless we are with them. She wants to keep up and be in front. So, we started working on this that day. Every time she pulls, I stop. I only start walking after she stops whining and I give the heel command. Sometimes I will go the opposite direction and she doesn't pull when I do that.

I swear, I've never heard a puppy whine so much in my life! She didn't eve whine that much doing her first bath and nail cut. I subjected her to the swings (the baby one and I never let go of her) and pushed her a bit, then she went down the slide, and finally, she went on the spinning thing with her dad and brother. She didn't like going around too much while I pushed. She eventually came back to me and I continued to push my boyfriend and his dog (I had vertigo so I wasn't jumping on any time soon.)

She surprised me in that she jumped into the car by herself this week. She also jumped on the couch. I had no idea she could do that yet. I was talking to my boyfriend and turned around and there she was standing on the couch with her puppy smile (missing a few teeth) and her nubb going crazy! She was so cute and sooo proud of herself!

I sat with her for a few minutes and she tried to get comfortable and ultimately jumped back down to play with Cloud. My boyfriend thinks she's gained some weight as of late. She does look longer...I guess I'll have to weigh her soon.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I made fun of my mom when she started to buy her puppy (2 years ago) clothes. If you know my mom, you would too. Karma has come around and I know find myself with the same urges--must dress the Freya Baby! I've resisted it for the last few months (amazingly--and partly due to financial reasons.)

I think I may switch from the martingale collar to an easy walker harness. I'm hoping she won't pull like crazy with it and not slip out of it either. After watching her trying her best to catch up with her brother Weim and nearly choking herself doing it...I think it may be a needed change. The only plus is, the harness will be less painful to put on than the martingale because it will have buckles (I hope.)

I was afraid that she was going to be terribly ill when I first got her. I was afraid cause I paid for her, because she was my first official dog, and because she wasn't fully inoculated. Stupid, but thankfully, nothing happened and now she is fully inoculated and I feel tons better about the whole thing.

Thankfully, Freya baby seems to have lighten up too! I guess she may have sensed my worries? But she's a happy, smiley puppy that's really starting to enjoy cuddle time (on her terms of course.)

No puppy is intimidating when they snarl at their brother and have absolutely no teeth except for their k9s being bared. That, my friends, is all kinds of cute and funny.

I need to get money for the following items--seat covers (formerly expressed as car seats because that is forever in my mind for some reason), seat belt/harness deals for both dogs, tag, and a girly (not pink!) collar/leash combo so people will stop calling my baby girl a boy! It's all my fault, shouldn't have gone with the blue but that was all they had at the time.

Also, as a miscellaneous expense--Halloween costume, get her chipped and spayed, and collapsible bowls and the poo baggie holder.