Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suddenly Affection

I think it's cute that Freya finally learned how to use her ears fully. I always thought that was something that puppies new instinctively, but I guess I was wrong on that front. But now that she's close to 3 months old, she can fully put her ear back in a happy manner. It makes me so happy! I look at her and for once her ears are back instead of looking at me all solemn like. I swear, she is the most solemn looking puppy I've ever seen.

It's odd how she wasn't terribly affectionate when I first got her. I don't know if it is because I got her entirely too early or what. She would seek me out for protection form our Weimaraner when he was in a frenzy mode, but now she can handle her own better--she finds a corner or a hole to hide from him.

But lately, she starts whining at me and I pick her up and set her on my lap and she stays for longer than a minute. She fell asleep on my lap again after the first time since I got her. She actually lets me hold her longer than she has before and I'm not sure what happened.

But yay, thank you for being more affectionate. This week was the first time I actually vocally told her that I loved her. I know it's silly, but I was worried that something would happen. I've had to put down a kitten that I got because something bit the base of her tail and was very poisonous and she wasn't going to make it no matter what we did to save her.

At any rate, in four days, Freya will be officially 3 months old! Yay--she's getting so big too!

I've increased her food recently. Since I got her, I was feeding her 1/4 cup of food 3 times a day--that's on Avoderm and the Blue Buffalo. She's now getting a 1/2 cup. She still seems like she's hungry. She's crazy enough that if I'm late on feeding her--she will eat anything that's around, and I mean anything. I caught her trying to eat a penny.

I've done the rib check and I ask my boyfriend to help me too (mainly cause he's the only one who's actually had healthy weight dogs and I'm just starting out on this venture on my own.) She's got a little thicker skin around her ribs, but you can feel it. Before, she you could feel her ribs pretty easily. I feel bad that I didn't think to up her food sooner. Bah, bad me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh the Calamity!

Dearest Freya,

I am most surprised that you don't hate my by now. After yesterday's torment, I am quite surprised that you gave me one of the greatest gift ever--sleeping on my lap. I guess you do trust me after all, huh?

I have to say that I just noticed the faintest dusting of white on your forehead. It's closer to your star but still--these are new. I also noticed, while torturing with the clippers, that you have one black toe nail with the pad of that foot being partially black too. Are you trying to trick me? If so, you are doing a great job! I still can't figure out your color--you keep sprouting more black and more white spots on your body that I don't know what you will be--other than my foxy Freya baby.

You should thank me for giving you a bath. You were one stinky corgi girl! I even warmed the bathtub for you, otherwise it would have been bone chilling cold instead of really warm. I couldn't help but notice that you didn't like the spray of the shower head. I guess I'm relegated to cup to cleanse you.

At one point, I found myself in the tub with you. I was hoping that this would calm you. I ended up with scratch marks. You were quite happy (and cold) when we got out of the tub. I rubbed you dry as best as I could. Then came the next torturing device...

The blow dryer doesn't seem to be your best friend. Why, Freya? Do you not want to be dryer faster and be warm? I guess not.

Afterward, we cut your nails. Initially, it was just my job and your back feet were a snap (pun totally intended) because you had treats! Treats are awesome...but then your front paws were sooo much harder to trim. Once again, I got more scratches....

But after all that is said and done--you got your dinner with yogurt and you loved it!

Now, if only you would pee and poop consistently outside and not just pee in the carpet.

Until, I still and will always love you!


Your Hooman--Cat

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm still trying to figure out how to add this to the site...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What do you think?

If you have seen me the last few days, you might have notice the changes. I keep changing them because it has really been 4 years since I first learned a little bit of html and figure things out all over again.

I'm still not 100% satisfied but it is still better than the basic templates that I could find on blogger.

I love purple and I realized that the last template I had was a little too busy for me but I was so frustrated by the end of that night I just left it as is.

I need to figure out how to make a header that I like using Freya's pic with the Gimp program on Linux (windows frustrated me to no end when I had to reload it on my lap top 9 hours as oppose to the hour with linux and stuff worked!) I've made random things, a filmstrip with photos of me and my boyfriend. I've shopped a pair of sunglasses out of a picture once too!

So, I'm sure I can figure it out, not sure if I'll go crazy by the end of it though. But that's part of the fun!

Supplies I want and will get


This is an example of "want" but will not get. I think it would be nice to have, especially for the puppy on the go. Carry enzyme cleaner for her pee spots, carry a portable water bowl and food and snacks. Maybe even carry the extra blankets or towels--definitely baby wipes! At walmart online only for 16.84. The price excites me, but there is more I need to buy. Sadness...


This I will get for her crate. I saw a liner, which acts similar that you can put in your car or the crate that was for about 10 bucks at walmart--that I may get instead of this. Anything washable is a must! Freya still has accidents in her crate. Thankfully, no accidents in her sleeping kennel.

3. Another item I'm interested in getting, not sure how adjustable it is.


Not sure which I'll get but it is time for her first bath!

5. Toothbrush set for Freya!

6.Styptic Powder in case I cut too close to the quick.

7. Either furbuster or a furminator from the mycorgi store on amazon. I may try the shed ender product...yes it is one of those As Seen On Tv deals.

8. One of these but...I'm not sure if it will keep a Weim in the back. May just get both of them straps.

9. I may break down and buy one of those poo bags and the carriers. I don't know. I am not always lucky enough to have a stashed walmart or kroger bag in my car when we go places. This will be necessary when we go walking more.

10. Another chewie, maybe a puppy teething ring? I always get so flustered at petsmart and just leave.

11. Scotchguard for my car! Should've done this when I first got the car about 2 years ago...but I was lazy. I now have some stains in it I have been lucky that the one time Cloud had explosive diarrhea, he was able to contain himself til we took him out of my car. My boyfriend, however, was not so fortunate.

I will definitely scotchguard if I don't get a seat cover or protector.

12. More towels for Freya. Currently, in her kennel that's all she's got in there. She's still have problems holding her pee so, she's constantly peeing in there. I'm happy she's managed to hold her poo at least. Since she doesn't eat or sleep in that kennel, I'm not totally surprised by this--and the fact it is incredibly big for her.

13. Eventually, when she can't wear the blue collar I got her, I want to switch to a purple one! The blue is killing me, not because it is blue (I like it) but because everyone thinks she is a boy--understandably. I will most likely get a martingale and perhaps a harness for car trips. Who knows.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


At age 6.5 weeks--she weighed 4 pounds.

Age 8 weeks--she weighed 8 pounds.

At her 12 week visit, I'm guessing she weighs at least 12. She seemed to have gotten heavier. I'm not underfeeding her or overfeeding her either--I can feel her ribs, so maybe she'll just be bigger or she's going through a growth spurt. *shrugs* as long as she's healthy, I don't care.


I was a little worried when I first saw Freya, I thought her eyes were too small. Of course, boyfriend said that I worried too much and that puppies grow in spurts. He was right on all accounts. Her eyes, thankfully kept up with her head.

It seems that every time I put her to bed, time goes quick and she wakes up a different color or something is bigger.

Her paws started to catch up with her body, she seems longer now. Her biting has calmed down significantly but she still likes to attack whatever clothing item I am trying to put on at that moment.

But, she always sits when it is meal time and well whenever I look at her, she sits. That was a puppy trait she came with that helped me teach her to sit. I encourage it. She knows when I grab the bowl, it is food time and she won't whine about being in her sleeping box.

She's taken to digging and the Weim helps her.

Whenever the train comes by, our Weim goes out and howls at it. Now, Freya, started to bark with him--it's cute. I know that last night she was barking at something, not sure what, but eventually the Weim went out and investigated the scene. Nothing seemed out of the norm and the Weim came back and cuddled with me.

I wish I could trust Freya in the bed with me. So far, she has peed in the bed 3 times and pooped once--and this is after taking her potty and watching her do both. I want to cuddle with her more, but the blanket has to be professionally washed and I don't want to take it while it is so cold outside. Sadness...I hope she outgrows this.


Well, I was informed by the animal control that there is a special mat that's at the entrance of the shelter filled with disinfectants that kills the parvo virus. So, Freya's diarrhea is from the olive oil. Yay.

I'm starting to switch her to Blue Buffalo puppy. It seems that she loves it more than the Avoderm. Our Weim even loves the Blue better too! He actually was protective of his food for once. They both seem to be doing well on it. Freya will be on half and half until all of the Avoderm is gone.

Also, while talking to the animal control officer, who also does obedience training on the side, she mentioned a class in February for 6 weeks in the area. That sounds great and Freya maybe old enough by then. It's the Kennel club that will be running it. I hope it will be a good class.

I can't believe how loving Freya has been lately. It is odd. She won't stay in my lap for any length of time, but she will sit close by. She's also starting to lick me more than bite. That's a nice break. She is every bit not a cuddler as Cloud is one. How funny, I'm the cuddle bug in the relationship and my boyfriend isn't. We both got dogs that is similar to the other.

Oh well, at least I can cuddle with Cloud and he is happier for it.

As Freya gets older, I noticed that she is having more control over her ear movements than before. She's staring to put them back more, like happy puppy style (I hope) instead of it leaving it perked and upright all the time. She is now able to see what's going no in the tub instead of only her nose showing. She is also able to see over her sleeping box, which soon will be changed over to her day kennel. Initially, I didn't have the money to pay for her kennel but Christmas money and a sale made that happen. Too bad I didn't know about Tractor Supply sooner.

She's getting so big! I wonder what her weight will be when she gets full size.

Friday, January 9, 2009

2 months

I revamped the site some. I still have to go back through the html until I get things they way I want it. Then I have to gimp so photos of Freya and make a header. I get a geeky side part of having a puppy and that's awesome!

Freya turned 9 weeks on the first of January. The vet staff, as usual, went gaga over the little girl. I had a different vet this time. They rotate Saturdays and this one said the same thing as the last--"I've never seen one around this area! Oh, isn't she gorgeous." They didn't do a fecal exam this time, which the pup didn't mind, and she weighed 8 pounds at 8 weeks. She also got her second round of shots, which she hated. She cried immediately.

The worst thing though, was not even Freya. My mom called me Friday night and told me that something was wrong with Morningstar--her Chihuahua/pug mix. Outside of that dog being morbidly obese (which is a whole story unto itself) her skin was tremendously hot pink.

So carrying Morningstar into the vet last minute plus carrying a carrier with a scared puppy was very hard indeed! They gave Morningstar a steroid shot and some allergy meds. He suggested that it was possibly from some detergent, or the bengay my mom put on her, or carpet cleaner--essentially, he didn't know. I know she has a grass allergy. When she was a pup and the grass was a bit higher, yeah, she got hivey.

I'm just very glad that Morningstar wasn't contagious. On New Year's Freya played with her and the other chug, Angel. I'm also very glad that they let me bring her along last minute. I tried calling, but since they didn't open until 8:30 and I called at 8--I wasn't 100% sure. Though if you looked at a lumpy, hivey chug with hot pink skin--I don't think anyone would turn that away.

Oh, Morningstar is doing much better now.

Freya has diarrhea and I'm hoping it is because of the garlic/parmesan/olive oil drippings I mixed into her kibble as a treat and not because I helped out at the Animal shelter (that had 3 out breaks of Parvo since I've been working with the city.)