Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freya's First Beach Trip

Freya had her first trip to the beach earlier this month and she did such a great job. The trip was about 4 hours away from home. I packed a towel, three bowls, Cloud's and Freya's foods in gallon size bags with the time for feeding (dinner/breakfast) on it, poop bags, anti anxiety pills for the car ride (just in case precaution), and it was all packed in a Books-A-Million bag that they used to give out when you joined as a member and it was the bigger bag.

Upon leaving, an hour or so prior, each dog was fed half of their meal. I never bothered giving them the other part of the meal as they both could stand to lose that little bit as much as I give them treats.

Freya did surprisingly well in the hotel atmosphere and I think that was partially to do with her being in her crate a fair amount of time. Otherwise, she would bark at everything. Cloud was the only one to bark twice--once was when I came out of the bathroom and the other because of someone talking. It was at the hotel that we gave them the medication as we worried about them barking--we considered going to the bar across the street but we never did.

Here is the view of road to the beach.

We got really lucky on the trip despite the fact it rained the first day that we arrived. But that was ok, boyfriend and I chilled in the nice hotel and relaxed and napped until dinner time. Sunday, we got nice clear skies.

Freya embarrassed me while we were at the beach because she cried so much and so hard when her "daddy" decided to go down a difficult path that I knew I couldn't go with her and with the bags and towels I was holding. She was crying in pain the entire couple of feet to the stairs, down the stairs, and down the beach until she decided to lunge to where her "daddy" was.

Surprisingly, she took to the water far better than her water dog brother of a Weimaraner. He hated the water so much. Little girl, on the other hand, was dying to be with her "daddy" so it didn't matter anyway....until the waves rolled in and scared her. I didn't mean for that to happen and picked her up as soon as it did--but guaging waves were not my thing apparently.

Beach day was the first and only time in her puppyhood that Freya actually didn't mind me carrying her. She was very tired and just wanted to sleep. I will definitely have to pick up a life vest for her before the next time we go to the beach or lake. She will enjoy it so much.

This is what she did when she left the water.

She loved to do the wiggle worm on the sand. It was funny to watch. Naturally, when climbing up the stairs moving away from her daddy--she started crying like crazy. Sigh...what am I going to do with her? I think I scared her because she was under the shower head of cold water they had by the bathroom. By the time we got to the car, she fell asleep immediately until we stopped at a gas station on the way home.

Oh the other thing I was proud about--other than how well she did in the water--was how she didn't drink the water like her brother did. Her manner of investigating things involves her paw and tapping it. It's quite cute. Cloud's manner of investigation involves his tongue and swallowing whatever it is--which is why he had a bad tummy ache and had diarrhea at the truck stop and I wasn't very well sure how to clean it all up. Freya did good at the truck stop and with all the people she had met that day--such a big and good girl!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Girl

I love my little girl so much. She has some cute quirkiness that I haven't really seen in another dog before--grant it, she still isn't much of a cuddle pup much to my dismay.

Here are the cute things she does:

  1. Whether it is first thing in the morning or the first thing when we get home, she has to greet everyone before going outside to potty.
  2. If you don't remind her to go potty immediately, she will be so taken with greeting everyone that she will piddle on the floor.
  3. When she first leaves her crate--no matter if it is 10 minutes or more--she does the downward facing dog position then stretches out to the superman pose (modified--no feet kicking back) and then she proceeds to pound her two front paws on the ground as she gives me a huge grin. I really need to figure out how to get this on video or pictures.
  4. She learned all of her mad fighting skills from her big brother Cloud and has since picked up a few tricks from foster brother Milo.
  5. A trick she learned from Milo is to kick back the dirt and grass (usually on to me) after she has peed/or pooped. She never did that before until we started walking with Milo.
  6. Apparently, anything that involves water will cause her to wiggle around the dirt trying to get dirtier.
  7. She loves her daddy! She was screaming her head off the second Part was away from view and I was walking too slow for her liking. She sounded like she was in epic pain!
  8. We play a game called "Little Girl" in which I come and jump and tickle her ribs. She gets a little crazy and sometimes nips me. But that smile and wiggle nub is so worth it!
  9. She loves her food! I think that's a corgi and a weim thing.
  10. She also kills roaches for me...I can thank Cloud for that too! She watches her brother protect me all the time and she's starting to do it now--and sometimes, she does it on her own accord!
Here's to my sweet little girl! I love you so much and miss you so much when I'm at work.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Mommy

I'm sorry you guys. I've been really busy this summer working two jobs--one almost a full
time job and one a totally full time job. I haven't been around much on the internet and have only recently been able to read some blogs. I have tons to update you guys on!

List format for easy reading to boot:D.
  1. Freya after her Spay at age 7 months. Her spay was earlier that morning back in June. She and I actually had cuddle time that night. She isn't much of a cuddler. So naturally, I made the best of the situation.

2. Freya finally made it to 19 pounds this month! She's been 18 pounds forever it seems--at least the last 3 months.

3. She has also been spontaneously growing a black patch on her back. As you can see the tufts and the wreckage that she caused behind in the background.

4. And she went on her first beach trip! She did such a great job too...I was so proud of her:D. My little girl swam. Of course, her main reason of doing so was her daddy was walking deeper into the water without her that she had to run and catch up and drag me behind her. Will post that soon.

She also had her first night at a hotel (Motel 8 if you're wondering and not that bad for the price either.) We got them medication that pretty much made both Cloud and Freya stoned. It was kind of funny but kind of freaky to see the Weim swaying in his crate. I think Cloud barked once the entire time and we corrected him immediately. I let her out of her crate for a few minutes at a time as I knew I couldn't trust her to not pee in the room. Sad, but true. But she did a very good job.

The road trip was also really great too for her. She did such a wonderful job--I was impressed. She's a good rider...very chill, I like it.

5. Freya was a bit sick a few days ago--which is very unfortunate for her and me as I had a major case of vertigo thanks to an inner ear infection. She was regurgitating her dinner a few hours after the fact--still fully form but slimey and well...we were really worried. Since we have a doggie door, I had no idea about her pooping or lack there of. Needless to say, she also managed to eat her harness while wearing it! Wich furthered my paranoia until she finally started pooping and keeping her food down. I was told to feed her nothing but rice for a few days before going back to Blue Buffalo.

6. Freya is going on a big trip soon too. We're going to drive to Arizona with both dogs in the back seat--I have a ton to do and buy!