Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So there are huge gaps in the trip where there wasn't any pictures taken by me. A good explanation is this--I was sleeping or it was night time.

This is essentially Cloud doing what he did the entire time on the trip.

And this is what the entire state of Oklahoma's road way was like:

In Oklahoma, there was a Sonics Drive Through Restaurant that was apparently the 3000th in the states to be built. They had a really cool painted horse in front of it.

Somewhere in Texas, they were advertising the largest cross in the states. Maybe the world--brain was a bit foggy on that part. Naturally, you have to expect this with Texas as they often say they have the biggest of everything over there. (Note: Please excuse the Fairy, that was not part of the largest Cross site despite it looking like it. Lol)

Random pic of Texas:

Here's a pic of sunset in New Mexico:
Roadside Arizona:

Funny Cloud Picture!

Apparently in one part of Arizona, the cash crop is pecans! Who knew! Coming from Georgia, I was really surprised to learn this (that's our cash crop too.)

And finally the San Xavier Mission near Tucson. It's still an active mission, also being actively restored. It's very pretty and free! Of course I bought stuff in the gift shop--but mainly for friends and family.

And the strange cactcus they had at the mission:

Friday, September 25, 2009

About the Trip

So, in total the initial trip to Silver City New Mexico took roughly 1 day and 2 hours (though we had an epic detour in Oklahoma and then mountainous roads in NM that slowed us down further--so maybe 1 day and 8 hours.) I can't express to you guys just how worried and stressed I was about this epic road trip. I planned a lot, wrote lists, and in the end--I usually always forget something anyway but for once it wasn't anything terribly important at least.

Prior to the trip I got the car oiled and trip ready, got a water proof seat liner for the back seat, got Freya a tag silencer (omg that was an awesome idea!), got Freya the Kurgo Tru Fit seat belt harness, and got her health record just in case I needed to board her or whatever else. I initially looked up hotels but boyfriend changed the trip route on me last minute so that fell to the wayside but that's ok as usuall you can trust Motel 6 and Super 8s to be pet friendly and La Quinta Inns as well for that matter. But we drove straight through anyway, so it didn't really matter.

On the beach trip I picked up acepromazine (sp?) it's supposed to be a mild sedatives and I gave them it when we were in the hotel to keep them from barking like crazy. Since I used it that one time, I still had plenty to use for the epic road trip. Turns out, Freya didn't need them at all! For the 32 hours of the trip--Freya pretty much slept at least 31 hours on her own. I really don't think she was awake much at all. I was kind of amazed actually.

She wasn't keen on drinking water and I was quite worried but I guess she knew what she was doing. She drank like two or three sips every few hours as a result didn't go to the potty as much despite having ample potty breaks. Hey, what can I say? My bladder is the size of a kid it seems like cause I had to go at every possible chance--unless of course I managed to sleep.

On hindsight, I really wish I gave Cloud the sedative. That dog was the opposite of Freya--he stayed up almost the entire 32 hours of the trip. He would lay down for 5 minutes and pop back up and stare at the road a head of us. By the time we hit New Mexico--it seemed like he was hallucinating and barking at ...well nothing. It was kind of funny. He drank up the bulk of the water between the two of them as well.

When we got to New Mexico, google maps took us to a route that involved a mountainous road where parts didn't have guard rails. Needless to say, I had a border line panic attack.

My little girl isn't the most affectionate pup--when it comes to me. She will love on her daddy all day--clean his ears and anything else she can get to--but me? Yeah, totally don't get the same treatment at all. The most I get is a daily greeting when I get home or take her out of her kennel, but she also wants to greet everyone.

So it was when I was upset and crying and hyperventilating did her little head pop up (wish I took pictures--sadly, didn't.) She nudged my shoulder so I unhooked her and picked her up and put her on my lap. She licked some tears and just sat there with me.

Finally, we made it to our destination where Freya got to meet Cloud's sister and granddog before we put everyone away to sleep. I think Freya had a ton of fun playing with Lily. C3, the grand dog, tolerated her at least and she seemed to know when to go into submission. She's a smart little girl.

Freya also learned a lot about cacti while we were out there--don't worry, she didn't get hurt too badly. Cloud didn't get hurt too badly either, but man was he freaking out about his crate the entire time we were at the boyfriend's mom's house, which is when we gave him the sedative--it wore off too soon though.

I need to get the pics and vids from boyfriend's camera so that I can post what he has since I didn't take many pictures there for some reason (probably laziness/tiredness.) Will write more--about Arizona next entry. Also, need to find pics!

Stay tuned! I'm going to post pics later tonight:D. Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heading out

Sorry no pictures but we are heading out tonight so we won't be online for a while. Will write soon!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Trip Soon!

Soon we're going on a road trip! A really, really long road trip actually--we can expect to drive at least 29 hours non-stop though we will stop as between me and the puppies will have to go potty.

The picture above is what I expect to happen in the road trip. Lol.

So I got Freya these two items for the trip:

1. Kurgo Tru Fit Harness since she decided to chew and eat part of her pretty purple harness--sigh, honestly, what do I do with this girl? Such a handful!

2. I got a tag silencer and omg is it awesome! I got the purple one and it is quite stunning--I'll have to take a picture of it when I get some time.

And for my car's sake I got a water proof seat cover which is way better than the seat cover that I happened upon at a pet store. It's not nearly as tacky and it's water proof! People have commented on the "smell" but really, it smells like rubber to me and not the "chemical" smell that people were talking about.

We're heading out to the desert--not entirely sure what to expect but I do know that the doggies will be kept well watered and fed during the trip. It's just the matter of "Mom, he/she's touching me!" that we will have to deal with through out.

So if you guys don't see me for a while, we're driving and I have no internet connection.

Friday, September 4, 2009

This is Cloud

This is part of the beach adventure we had a couple of weeks ago. Here is one of the funnier pictures I've ever taken of Cloud. Actually, Freya looks like a doll on the sand too. She was in mid wiggle worm dancing as she just got out of the water and needed to dirtier herself more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009