Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Mommy

I'm sorry you guys. I've been really busy this summer working two jobs--one almost a full
time job and one a totally full time job. I haven't been around much on the internet and have only recently been able to read some blogs. I have tons to update you guys on!

List format for easy reading to boot:D.
  1. Freya after her Spay at age 7 months. Her spay was earlier that morning back in June. She and I actually had cuddle time that night. She isn't much of a cuddler. So naturally, I made the best of the situation.

2. Freya finally made it to 19 pounds this month! She's been 18 pounds forever it seems--at least the last 3 months.

3. She has also been spontaneously growing a black patch on her back. As you can see the tufts and the wreckage that she caused behind in the background.

4. And she went on her first beach trip! She did such a great job too...I was so proud of her:D. My little girl swam. Of course, her main reason of doing so was her daddy was walking deeper into the water without her that she had to run and catch up and drag me behind her. Will post that soon.

She also had her first night at a hotel (Motel 8 if you're wondering and not that bad for the price either.) We got them medication that pretty much made both Cloud and Freya stoned. It was kind of funny but kind of freaky to see the Weim swaying in his crate. I think Cloud barked once the entire time and we corrected him immediately. I let her out of her crate for a few minutes at a time as I knew I couldn't trust her to not pee in the room. Sad, but true. But she did a very good job.

The road trip was also really great too for her. She did such a wonderful job--I was impressed. She's a good rider...very chill, I like it.

5. Freya was a bit sick a few days ago--which is very unfortunate for her and me as I had a major case of vertigo thanks to an inner ear infection. She was regurgitating her dinner a few hours after the fact--still fully form but slimey and well...we were really worried. Since we have a doggie door, I had no idea about her pooping or lack there of. Needless to say, she also managed to eat her harness while wearing it! Wich furthered my paranoia until she finally started pooping and keeping her food down. I was told to feed her nothing but rice for a few days before going back to Blue Buffalo.

6. Freya is going on a big trip soon too. We're going to drive to Arizona with both dogs in the back seat--I have a ton to do and buy!

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