Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Road Trip Soon!

Soon we're going on a road trip! A really, really long road trip actually--we can expect to drive at least 29 hours non-stop though we will stop as between me and the puppies will have to go potty.

The picture above is what I expect to happen in the road trip. Lol.

So I got Freya these two items for the trip:

1. Kurgo Tru Fit Harness since she decided to chew and eat part of her pretty purple harness--sigh, honestly, what do I do with this girl? Such a handful!

2. I got a tag silencer and omg is it awesome! I got the purple one and it is quite stunning--I'll have to take a picture of it when I get some time.

And for my car's sake I got a water proof seat cover which is way better than the seat cover that I happened upon at a pet store. It's not nearly as tacky and it's water proof! People have commented on the "smell" but really, it smells like rubber to me and not the "chemical" smell that people were talking about.

We're heading out to the desert--not entirely sure what to expect but I do know that the doggies will be kept well watered and fed during the trip. It's just the matter of "Mom, he/she's touching me!" that we will have to deal with through out.

So if you guys don't see me for a while, we're driving and I have no internet connection.


  1. Oh wow! Good luck! From my expierence with road trips and Gus and Indy, bring chew toys (we like the plastic keys)and either their bed or their blanket.
    What I found funny is that I had to pee a lot more then they did! Hope the drive goes well. :)

  2. Hope you have a safe trip! I wanted to send Big Earl out for ya, but momma wouldn't let me.... She drove through the desert last month (it was 122F in Death Valley!), and said to make sure to take LOTS of water! I have a harness too, mom says I have to wear it to be safe since I can't ride in a crate (I throw a very convincing temper tantrum if she tries that!).

    Happy Trails!
    Brutus the Frenchie