Sunday, September 27, 2009


So there are huge gaps in the trip where there wasn't any pictures taken by me. A good explanation is this--I was sleeping or it was night time.

This is essentially Cloud doing what he did the entire time on the trip.

And this is what the entire state of Oklahoma's road way was like:

In Oklahoma, there was a Sonics Drive Through Restaurant that was apparently the 3000th in the states to be built. They had a really cool painted horse in front of it.

Somewhere in Texas, they were advertising the largest cross in the states. Maybe the world--brain was a bit foggy on that part. Naturally, you have to expect this with Texas as they often say they have the biggest of everything over there. (Note: Please excuse the Fairy, that was not part of the largest Cross site despite it looking like it. Lol)

Random pic of Texas:

Here's a pic of sunset in New Mexico:
Roadside Arizona:

Funny Cloud Picture!

Apparently in one part of Arizona, the cash crop is pecans! Who knew! Coming from Georgia, I was really surprised to learn this (that's our cash crop too.)

And finally the San Xavier Mission near Tucson. It's still an active mission, also being actively restored. It's very pretty and free! Of course I bought stuff in the gift shop--but mainly for friends and family.

And the strange cactcus they had at the mission:


  1. Great photos. Love the ones of Cloud, so darn cute!

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures!