Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday's Adventure

So this isn't a Freya post so much as mine and the boyfriend's adventure. We went to the Renaissance Fair!

The Renaissance Fair is a great place to find some neat things to buy, new things to try, and to see neat people there. I wish I took some more pictures on my phone. Some I can't post because the boyfriend doesn't want to be publicized, so here is a random (crappy) picture of Stilts man!

The theme of the weekend was Highland. I was hoping there would be some highland games as I think that is so neat (hot) and maybe a lot of guys in kilts (also hot) but there wasn't. There were some guys in kilts though and some great bag pipes playing (I really love bag pipes.) The boyfriend got his eye candy through countless heaving bosoms thanks to the ever lovely corsets.

We drank some mead (honey wine) and shandy (lemonade mixed with beer) and the boyfriend had Steak on a Stake, while I had a meatball hand pie. For dessert, we each got a keylime pie sundae! Omg, that is pretty good, never occurred to me to add ice cream to my favorite dessert but there you have it.

After we left, we went tot he store the boyfriend wanted to go to in the Atlanta area. Since we did that, PetCo was closed, so there wasn't much chance of me going so we went to dinner at Shabu Shabu.

Shabu Shabu translates roughly to "Swish Swish" in Japanese. This was a Korean restaurant where you picked the meat you want and you cook it in a boiling broth--you swish it. It was a good time, except for when you stupidly eat the fish cake without knowing what kind of fish it is (I'm allergic to Perch.) Here's a pic of my meal.
I chose beef. Boyfriend picked pork. The silver pot is where you cook the meats and vegetables. You can see a hot dog, tofu, Asian sweet potato (no idea what it's called, my mom just calls them sweet potatos), bok choy, cabbage, an egg, glass noodles, a sheet of fish cake (there was also a roll of fish cake too), and the dipping sauce that was both spicey and garlicy. Yum!

After you cook the stuff in the broth, you dip it in the sauce! There were several different kinds of sauce to choose from, but since we stuck out like sore thumbs (boyfriend was one of two white people in the whole place and I'm half white/half Japanese) our server pretty much took care of us. The other real cool thing about the place was the bathroom!

I always hear about all those fancy toilets the Japanese are hoarding (which when we visited family, all I got was hole in floor!)

(picture taken from this site)
I mean after living in the states all I could think about is how can I use this without using the bathroom all over myself. Since I and my mom's family lived in Okinawa and mainly in the section that wasn't totally Westernized at the time--you rarely saw a porcelain throne unless you went to a fancy restaurant or an Americanized one. Man, let me tell ya, I was so ready to go home after our trip just so I could use a proper toilet it wasn't even funny.

Anyway, the toilet at the restaurant looked like this:
See it has controls on the side! It gives you choices for more lumbar support, how warm you want the seat (which was awesome), bidet action for, and air drying and I think even lumbar support. It had a lot of instructions for it and it was so cool! I wish I could have one in the house...maybe one day. I was so excited, I rushed out the of the toilet to tell the boyfriend that he should see if the men's bathroom has one too...sadly it didn't. I still don't know what they have plugged in that goes into the bathroom from the hall way.

The bad part of the night came about two hours later after we got bubble tea. I got this blinding migraine all of a sudden on our way home. I had the full on symptoms of light sensitivity, nausea, sensitivity to smell, and just barely to sounds. I had to put on my sunglasses to avoid the sharp lights from the cars going the opposite direction. Eventually, boyfriend made command decision to go to the gas station, where I got deathly ill and returned to find him with a Sprite ready for me (he's so awesome!)

My guess it was probably the fish cakes that caused the nausea to quickly turn into nausea and MSG causing the blinding migraine in conjunction with the lights. (The night we picked up Freya I got really ill all due to the lights from cars--I got sick in a Walmart too.) So I'm pretty much sticking with Salmon, Tuna, and Swordfish as my fish staples--otherwise, I'll just eat veggies or none aquatic creatures.

Naturally, when I'm dying to get home, we get caught up in traffic for an hour on a two lane high way at 11pm due to an accident. I never thought I'd get out of there. When the boyfriend went to the hospital, he got a bunch of vomit bags...I have since decreed that we need to take one each and put it in our cars in case another situation comes up again.

On that note, here's Freya being loving.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day ecept for the migraine at the end. Holy cow that toilet is off the hook lol

  2. started out well, but ended badly. A corgi lovin' always helps though.
    Those toilets are cuckoo, aren't they?

  3. Oh, sorry to hear about the migraine. Mom gets bad headaches sometimes... :(

    Freya, those toilets are totally weird. We'll stick with our grass thank you very much.

  4. That is one cool toilet! And a very neat restaurant. :)

    Oh you poor thing, i hope you are feeling better now!

  5. This was a very interesting post. Hubby has always wanted to go to the Scottish Games that they have around here once a year. Most of the day sounded pretty good.

    I had heard that the toilets in some places were holes in the ground and I don't see how in the world anyone could use them and not end up all messed up. That toilet was totally awesome! Wonder where you'd get something like that... probably couldn't afford it anyway. LOL!

    I hope the Freya Corgi Love was enough to cure the migraine fairly quickly! Bright lights/ strobes, tend to do that to me too. I get a headache and sick and dizzy. Taking Bonine or Dramamine TWO (not regular Dramamine) helps me... It is a motion sickness med you can get over the counter... It is Meclazine. Grammy from Corgi Country