Monday, April 26, 2010

Interesting Night

So tonight proved to be interesting. As some of you may know, corgis were bred to be herding dogs. I suppose part of it is to walk their terrain to see if everything is in its place. Well, Little Girl, did something of the sort tonight.

Except on this night, there was something amiss. Or rather, I should say...something was in the backyard that shouldn't be. Initially, I was really worried that it was a snake by her bark. Which kind of goes like this "bark bark barbarkwoowoowoo bark bark" it's kind of cute but hard to get a recording of as it happens so infrequently.

So it wasn't snake. I was waiting for the boyfriend to run out but decided I couldn't wait too much longer and I ran out there (leaving Cloud in the house--no need to make things worse) and tried to get Freya away from the creature. I ran over there expecting to see something scary...and then found out it was a bird. An injured bird.

I'm not sure if Freya injured the poor thing or if it was injured and happened to befall the wrath of Freya's constant "Mommommommom! Mommomomom!" The bird kept running towards me and then I was trying to grab Freya so I could try to take her inside so I could attend to the bird. But the bird hopped out of our fenced backyard and Freya got escorted by her daddy into the house.

I wish I could've done something for the bird but it disappeared by the time I went back outside. But Freya was sure proud of herself that is for sure. The last time she alerted us it was when Cloud discovered he could get out of the backyard and he was trying to take on a pitt bull next door, which probably was the least brightest thing he could do in his life.


  1. She's working here! good little girl~

  2. Awww good job Freya! Barking can be really annoying, but at least sometime they are doing it w/a good purpose :)

  3. Aww poor little birdy!
    Good job Freya! :)

  4. We know that "Alert" bark very well. It comes for Rattlers, cows, strangers, etc. You can always tell that there is definitely something wrong when you hear it, and it's always a good idea, at least around here, to get out and find out what the problem is. They've quit doing it now for cattle, but I know that there are some "spooky's" that come around at night that I still haven't seen. Smelled a skunk once...

    Grammy from Corgi Country