Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Gotya Day Freya!!!

I was looking for Freya for a month before I finally found her. I left work early and so did my boyfriend who showed up at my work to take my car to get an oil change and then we went off on a 3 and a half hour drive all on country roads. We took Cloud with us that day so he could help us pick out a new puppy.

These were the picture on the ad I found online. I is terrible to buy a dog that way but that's what I did and I got lucky. Next time I'm going a more reputable route for a specific kind of corgi--which involves going that route. That or a Frenchie.

Freya had two brothers and 6 sisters. Two possible black headed tris (not sure if they stayed that way or changed to sable or red headed tris) were a boy and a girl (man grammar is hard!) By the time we reached to Freya's grandmother's house there were three girls other than the one bht boy that the breeder kept.

The first thing I did was shake my keys after I was bombarded by a bunch of corgis (mom, auntie and grandma and I think grandpa of Freyas) and Freya was the first to investigate. She was known as two ears as she was the first to have both ears up at 6 and a half weeks (I know too young...sigh.) Then came Feisty and then the shy one that I can't remember the nickname. I had such a hard time deciding which girl to get. Ultimately, I picked Freya as I wanted a girl that was middle of the road and she was it--not too shy and not too independent.

Then we took her outside to meet Cloud for the first time. That weimy butt wiggled so hard that I knew it was approval right away. I got my puppy pack and my little girl and we were on our way home!

Unfortunately, I was stricken with a migraine so bad that we had to pull over to the Walmart, where I also picked up supplies. I actually fell terribly ill in there all thanks to the head lights coming at us (I'm light sensitive at times.) I found what I could for Freya that night and hurried up as best as I could.

Meanwhile this is what was going on in the car.

When we finally got home--it was very late that night. We tried to sleep with Freya (and her Friends--sigh...I got bit so many times that night) we woke to find her on the floor without our assistance what so ever. She was a daredevil from the get go.

The next evening we spent shopping and I bought a big tubberware that people used for storage and used it as her "crate".

Don't you just love that cute pink tummy! OMG I'm in love all over again...I just wish she would let me blow raspberries on her again:(.

Oh and if you are wondering, last year today was a Wednesday so I was terribly sleep deprived that next morning and for several morning until Freya finally stopped whining so much.


  1. Awww so cute! Don't worry, I found Gibson online too :)

  2. What a wonderful story! It reminds us of when we got Ms. Stella. We found her online also through Puppyfind. We also got VERY lucky. We drove from CA to Utah to pick her up. The car was mayhem the entire way.

  3. OMG SO ADORABLE!!! I wish I knew what Sadie looked like as a puppy! Thanks for sharing the story!

  4. I love all the old pics! Happy Gotcha Day sweetheart <3 You grew up to be such a beautiful girl.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day from us here at Corgi Country, too! OC and Crew

    Your pictures are just adorable! Corgi pups are just TOO CUTE!!! Ours are 14 weeks old now and starting into the gangly, teenage look.

  6. Aww! Love the last picture where she's crossing her legs whilst sleeping :) Happy Gotcha Day!

  7. Aww what a cute little puppy! I remember Indy's gotcha story like it happened yesterday, i don't think you forget. :)

  8. Oh man...I LOVE all the puppy pics. ADORABLE!

  9. That's a cute puppy. Very cuddly-like.

  10. Sounds a lot like my story with Brutus! There is nothing like a puppy, soft bellies, sweet breath and puppy kisses! I love my Brute, but can;t wait to get him a little sister to play with :)

    Michelle & Brutus

  11. Sweet photos! Don't you just LOVE CORGIS??? None can compare!