Friday, December 4, 2009

She's Back!

It was a brief moment of separation but Morningstar is back once again to stay. She's an odd little thing. She has quite the sweet life at mom's house and yet one of those days I visited mom at lunch she made a mad dash for my car. Silly puppy. She doesn't get the treats, she has fights, and she doesn't get to sleep with us in the bed and yet she is running to be with us. I don't get it.

I have some upcoming medical stuff that I get to do next week. I'm not looking forward to them at all--especially since there may be pain involved. But I guess I'll have to do it to get better.

Speaking of medical...this little girl is Angel. She is my mom's dog and she is 21 pounds!!!

I don't know. I find it kind of crazy that she weighs more than Freya. Freya is around 19 pounds--sigh. The vet told my mom that Angel is at least 8 pounds over weight if you go by the two breeds she is mixed with (Chihuahua/Pug like Morningstar.) I think he may be wrong. I think she needs to be a bit heavier as she is taller and is built differently than Morningstar is (they had different dads--or moms...I can't remember.) Currently, Morningstar kind of reminds me of a bulldog and Angel is a bit like a pug in height (at least I think so--never had a true Pug so I may be wrong.)

But don't worry folks! As soon as I get Morningstar at a weight that I feel is suitable for her, I'm going to dognap Angel and start with her. I am worried about Angel though. She is kind of...a weird dog. My mom didn't interact with her nearly as much as she did with Morningstar when she was a baby. I'm not saying that Angel is dumb--it just seems to me that she doesn't really understand English so much. She acts more like a dog though compared to Morningstar. She seems submissive, which is a good thing for our house, but at the same time she freaked out when I tried to put a leash and harness on her. So I worry she may spazz a lot in the beginning. And I'm sure it didn't help that I wasn't living at home when she came around. Initially, Angel was supposed to be my dog but I grew impatient and really wanted a corgi so I got Freya instead and mom got Angel from her friend.

Hopefully, it will all work out. I have agreed to bring Morningstar for Christmas but she isn't staying--just you know, getting presents. :D

Oh side note: We went back to Blue Buffalo (and didn't do the proper switching of food thing--sigh) cause boyfriend didn't want to drive 20 minutes out of his way for Canidae. Oh well, it cost him more for it too. The dogs really like Blue Buffalo (they also liked Canidae) but it didn't seem to work with Cloud that great which is why I wanted to switch. But oh well, I guess we'll deal with it until it's my turn to buy dog food.


  1. Hope everything goes well with Morningstar and with whatever medical stuff you need to have done...

  2. Oh no... medical stuff always scares me. Hope that goes well.

    But is that a leopard print top? It's just like my toy Leo's fur! That's awesome!


  3. Hope the medical stuff goes alright!!

  4. Thank you for the well wishes. I'll post once I find out what's going.