Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bad news...

Just got a call after the health check....heart worm positive. They'll need someone to sponsor about 200 bucks. I'm not sure what that entails. I know that it is a bad thing, but still.


So Milo is currently still at the vet's office. I was told this morning that they went ahead and treated him with heartworms (which wasn't a bad infestation) and neutered him also.

I'm not sure when I'll get to pick him up. I told the animal control officer the name I gave him (in my head as I never actually called it to his face) and she said its perfect. She was telling me how happy he was to get attention from people (which definitely makes me think he's a true corgi) and how he knew that something was up because he hasn't become depressed like many of the animals at the shelter.

Since he will be limited in his movements, due to his treatment not so much the neuter, I doubt I can even introduce the dogs the way I wanted to (whenever I get him home.) Hopefully there won't be issues due to that.

And thank you to everyone who has given me support. I really appreciate it. Yesterday was such a rough day for me to deal with that and work both of my jobs the last two days.

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