Monday, April 6, 2009

Work in Progress

Outside of the potty training issue that has cropped up (which may possibly be a territorial thing *shrugs*) things have been going relatively smooth in terms of the food aggression.

Both dogs are separated when feeding. Freya goes into her crate to eat and Cloud goes in the hallway. She eats significantly slower than Cloud, and if he even steps foot in the room she will start growling. Keep in mind, she is locked in her crate so there's no way anything could be stolen. We've been spraying her when she does this. I'm not certain if that is the best method, but it is working so far. To keep Cloud from instigating, I usually send him outside or keep him in the hallway with me and by then Freya will be done eating her food. I collect both bowls and she's able to be free from her crate.

Now, when it comes to treat time--they are both given kongs filled with the same thing before we leave for work. It's really cute how much they love it. They know what it is when I get both kongs and they are super excited when they see me make it the night before. Freya will even prematurely hop in her cage (and I mean she will hop in there) cause she think its time.

The morning crate wrangle has been made significantly easier. Cloud, our Weim, has had a lot of issues about being crate during the day but if anyone here has ever had a Weim then you would understand the kind of devastation they can create. At any rate, from the once pulling and tugging and boxing (he boxes with the boyfriend, I don't take that crap cause he knows what I want him to do, but I will coax him), he will actually hope into his crate without any problems and I'll deposit his frozen goodness. Freya has never had an issue with the crate (she also wasn't punished by being in there like Cloud was before I came into his life) so she's a breeze.

Every time I go to the bathroom to take a shower or a bath, Freya will get her personal chewie time. Cloud is given two (they are the small ones cause of Freya) in the living room at the same time.

I've been working on the walking now. Freya isn't so bad despite the pulling. She was using the martingale but she pulled horribly when we tried the pack walk. So she's on a harness with the leash attached to the front. I may try a choke chain when she's older and doesn't pull as much. Cloud is just getting used to being healed as the boyfriend just lets him pull all day cause it doesn't bother him. I have to prepare both of them to be able to walk nicely when the new foster comes home soon. I also work on them bolting out of the door. I'm not taking that crap and I will just forgo the walk for a few seconds til they calm down and do what I tell them.

Hopefully, I'm doing the right thing. I still have to get some books (outside of the internet searches I've done) to continue my education. I'm not sure what kind of issues that may crop up, if any. The only thing we know about the boy's history is he was found on the streets with 2 other dogs (which means he has been in the pack mentality) as for him being the alpha, I'm not sure. I think he has also fathered some pups at one point as well and I'm not sure what that will do or if the neutering will even help.

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