Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy Dog

Sorry, I couldn't find the card reader so that means a video taken on my cell phone. Freya is a strange dog. I remember when she was little, we heard her barking her head off at something. We run out to find her doing this...

Crazy, isn't it? I had to stop and start it a few times cause she got distracted. At the end of the video you can hear Morningstar bark because Boyfriend got home. Yeah, honestly, we fill those holes up and she digs them back...there's one hole that is as long as Freya is in terms of depth. Heh, at least we always know that she's in the backyard when she's doing this and out of courtesy, we bring her in at night.

So about the thing that happened on Wednesday. Morningstar is doing well. She is kind of tensed and freaked out about everything--but the second the other two are put up she will bark and growl at them like she's a hot shot. I swear, that girl is crazy.

Ever since Freya was little, I've always had to separate her when it came to the food. I knew that Morningstar was the same so since she got here, I've been making a point to keep them separated. I honestly didn't think that an unopened bag of dog food would cause such a reaction and that is where I failed as a dog parent. Freya hasn't reacted that way since either--maybe it was a jealousy reaction too?

I've been trying to divide my time with them equally but it is kind of hard. I guess the boyfriend is right in saying that 2 dogs is enough for us (though it doesn't quell the puppy fever in the least.)

As for Morningstar's weight--she only lost .2 ounces so far. Not that great. I don't know why either--as she has been on a strike for a while when it came to the food. She is just starting to eat again. She's getting more limber on her walks now, so that is an improvement.


  1. Great to meet you!!! Freya is adorable...!

  2. Sounds like a better day for sure! Well, at least you know Freya is a true Corgi with all that hole-digging!! Good news about Morningstar too, hope she is enjoying the walks more now that she is limbering up. Will help with the"pack" mentality if they all go on walks together.

    Michelle & Brutus

  3. That is funny. Caught in the act!

  4. You are so funny! we love your blog and just put up a link on our blog to yours!

  5. I started reading back blogs and working toward the newer ones, so my comments may already have been worked out. Morning Star is just going to make things worse if she keeps attacking at the others once they are caged/crated.