Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Puppy Fever

I got puppy fever really badly last November. I know I always had it but last year was a hard time as I was still adjusting to life. My mom has Chugs and I had it in me that I was going to take Morningstar to fat camp. The bad thing about my mom is that she feeds her dogs like they are human--I mean they eat rib eye steaks and fried chicken pretty much every day! Plus, she feeds them all kinds of things that they shouldn't eat too. For example, onions--no amount of me telling her to stop or the vet doesn't stop the woman. I love my mom but she's stubborn. She loves her dogs a bit too much and uses them as a substitute as her children--it's bad.

As a result, her dogs are quite obese. Actually, they are heavier than Freya--which is a bad example as Freya is about 18 pounds and significantly small for her breed. It's quite bad.

So I had Morningstar for a week. She didn't get any scrap food from me, just dog food--that's it. We walked a lot and got her to lose 4 pounds or so. It was really good. She felt a lot better, moved around better...and gained all that and more after being at my mom's house. Sigh.

Currently, I miss my little buddy and want to have her for a month this time. I'm just a bit worried about how Freya will take it. Don't get me wrong, Freya has played with Morningstar and her sister Angel for a while now and though she gets on better with Angel, Morningstar is a bit different when away from my mom's house so it may work. Morningstar is a great dog. She walks really well on the leash for never doing it when growing up. She also lets me bathe her and clip her nails no problem. However, clipping of the nails doesn't go as smoothly with mom for some reason. I lull that girl to sleep with belly rubs! I wish I could do the same with Freya. Freya has somewhere she wants to be and do--she's a busy girl.

Here is Morningstar.

She is the reason I was seriously considering getting a pug for a long time. However, after much research I decided that with our current living situation it wouldn't suit a pug very well. (We don't have central heating or air and I would just worry more so with a pug, boston, or Frenchie because I know how temperature sensitive the breeds are.) One day, I would like to get a Pug or a Frenchie-- I must admit that I have fallen in love with their cute little faces and snorts, but hopefully I will be better off financially too so that I can better handle the possible medical issues the breeds can have.

So after I ruled out those breeds--I looked at dachshunds and corgis. I was initially thinking of a dachshund because I remember one of the good trips we had at the dog park and how much Cloud had fun with one running with her. But Cloud being a Weim, I knew that a hardier dog would be better and so I started to look up corgi breeders. I fell a bit short and ended up with a back yard breeder (I know, I know bad!!) as I wasn't sure how an adopted dog would fair with Cloud with his burgeoning male aggression. I can see a difference between a better developed corgi and my own but it is mainly to do with size. Freya is about the same size as Morningstar or a regular sized Pug for you pug folks.

I know for the next time I ever get a puppy, I'm going to go to a more reputable breeder and hopefully get papers. I may even go for a different kind of Corgi next time...a Cardigan. It really doesn't matter though so long as they are healthy and thriving. Either way, both Corgis and Pugs (Weims too) love to eat! So I'll always have to be on top of that and always will as I don't want my dogs to be so uncomfortable in life.

And now for the main point...I'm thinking about doing another fat camp with Morningstar. Thoughts anyone?


  1. Poor fat little Morningstar.. I think a month with you would do her well!

    I had to train my mom's dog to eat the way I wanted her to when she came to visit me in March. She is a grazer, but it is hard to leave food out w/a starving corgi running around! By the end of the week she ate meals when I wanted her to and no extra treat :) Worked out well.

  2. I've thought about getting a cardi next time as well.
    Oh my, Morningstar, does NOT look like a happy camper!

  3. Poor little Morningstar! She looks like my girlfriend's chiuwawa (sp).

    It does sound like a great idea, but how fast is she losing and then gaining the weight back? If it's too quickly I know it isn't healthy.

    We didn't go through reputable breeders at all for Indy or Gus. Indy is a puppy mill dog from Quebec that we bought from a puppy broker here in BC (we found out that part after we bought her!). Gus is a back yard breeder I think.

  4. That Morningstar is a bit chunky, we must say! Maybe she's not overweight, just undertall?? I too have gotten a few dogs from some unusual places - no puppy mills, but backyard or just uneducated folks. I've been lucky - Duncan (my JR terrier, who recently passed away just shy of 17), Mason (healthy at 12) and Brutus (so far, so good). Next Frenchie is coming from a reputable breeder - my luck can't last forever!!

    Michelle & Brutus

  5. I think it is good to help your moms dog lose weight. Samick used to weigh in around 130-140 and he is down to 100 now. He just looks so much better now.

    Sagira's had a Corgi b/f, his name is Grange and is so cute.