Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sort of Wordless Wednesday

Finally got Freya's new collar in from Lisa at Collar Mania! It's so beautiful and well worth the money.

Update: I'm sick. I've been sick for a while (at least a month) but now I'm really starting to feel it. I wanted to post the pictures but the boyfriend left his card reader at work and I feel like real crap. The bad thing is, I'm on antibiotics and I'm still running a fever--sigh, what kind of crap is that? I thought it was supposed to help.

Anyways, I'll be catch up with you guys as soon as possible and give you guys a proper update with Morningstar.

At the moment, she's starting to run a little bit with Freya in the back yard (I don't have energy for walks which screws everything up.) Um, they had an almost fight on Monday (which was totally my fault) thankfully, I was standing behind Freya and managed to grab her scruff before she could do anything outside of threatening. Cloud and Morningstar had it out last night--he managed to get something (not sure what) and she went to investigate and he started to growl and bark at her.

Thankfully, Cloud is relatively gentle for a big dog teamed with smaller dogs. He generally doesn't care about his food or anything unless it is something he really likes. It took a spray of water and it broke them up fast which is when I realized it was a branch from outside he dragged in.

Otherwise, they are doing great together. They were all laying down together last night when things calmed down. I'm kind of sad though--the month I get her I happened to start to get sick and can't do that much with Morningstar to help her. She lost some weight--to the point where she can kind of jump so it isn't all wasted time at least.


  1. That collar is so cute!!

    I hope you feel better soon! Even you can't do much with her walking wise she is still getting excerise in the backyard and you aren't feeding her all those table scraps so it is helping. :)

    Drink plenty of fluids and get better quickly!

  2. Is this your first collar from her? They are great - think we have 6 or so. Wash up nice too. Love all the girly designs, need a little female frenchie so I can get some of them!! Hope you feel better soon.

    Michelle & Brutus

  3. Looks like the collar is made very well. :)

  4. I hope you feel better soon! {{{hugs}}}

    The collar is really cute!

  5. She looks pretty in her new collar :)

    Feel better soon!

  6. Very pretty collar and I, too, hope that you will be feeling better soon. If the sickness is caused by a virus, antibiotics won't help at all, but at least they will keep you from getting a secondary infection if your immune system has been weakened by fighting the virus.

    If you are watching Morning Star's diet, and she is starting to run and play some, then don't stress out about her as she will work it off with the extra exercise she is getting with Freya.