Monday, November 9, 2009

Fat Camp is On!

I'm picking up Morningstar this afternoon for Fat Camp! I'm kind of really excited about this and I have no idea why. It's been a year since Morningstar saw Cloud last and I'm kind wondering how that's going to go. I hope the added bonus is that I get to lose a little bit of weight too.

So the plan is this: she will only get to eat dry food (Blue Buffalo at the moment is what we have on hand) and very limited treats (her mom gives her chicken jerky all the time--in the amount that you give an 80 pound dog--which 3 or 4 pieces a day.) We will walk every day at least 10 minutes or longer depending on the day--I work till 5 and live in a dicey neighborhood--so I have to find a place to take us walking. We will build Morningstar up gradually as I know she is tender footed and hasn't really done much in forever. I'm debating on getting her boots--anyone have tips on that? She only walks on grass and carpet and we will be walking on a lot of concrete.

I'm hoping that Freya will take to her more and play with Morningstar. Since she is coming to our home, I'm not sure if either of the dogs will react angrily or not yet--I don't expect them too, but you never know.

And sounding like a dork talking to Morningstar--trying to get her to talk back.


  1. Hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. Oh yay! I am sure everything will work its self out. :)

    See how Morningstar is after a few days before you buy boots, she may do alright. Good luck!

  3. I'm thinking the booties might slip on and off..maybe wax for paws will work. I read good reviews of Musher's Secret on a discussion in mycorgi.

    Good luck!

  4. I think the boots might create more problems than they solve. Just take it a day at a time - she'll build up calluses fast!

    Michelle & Brutus

  5. Hahahaha you talking almost like a human!!!