Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok, I weighed Morningstar last night and she came in around 17.6 pounds. I didn't realize just how over weight she is until I saw that she couldn't jump anymore. Wow! I'm so glad that I grabbed her.

My mom gave her pork last night before I got her. She said she gave her a little bit. Well, I hope she enjoyed it as that was the only thing she ate last night as she snubbed the Blue Buffalo I gave her.

Last night was interesting. I can count 2 fights between Morningstar and Freya. One fight with Cloud and Morningstar. A bunch of barking and growling. And one bruise knee (apparently Freya wasn't happy with this and decided to nip at my knee.) A whole bunch of whining last night as we made everyone hang out in a quarantined area until this morning.

Freya is afraid of Morningstar and Morningstar is afraid of Cloud. Oh well, I'll give it a few more days for them to acclimate once again. Last time we brought Morningstar home it took until day 3 before she was semi comfortable with Cloud.

We walked a little bit last night. She couldn't keep up with us. I had Freya running ahead of me and Morningstar trailing behind. I hope the rain clears up so we can do some more walking. I can't hold an umbrella and two dogs.

I have to say that I'm glad that Freya isn't fat. She's never really been fat as I always worried about it. Cloud was the first dog that I've seen that was actually a healthy weight. It's bizarre and BF get's annoyed that people are constantly telling him that Cloud is too skinny--when it's really the opposite, everyone is used to seeing fat dogs.

On a side note, I found a place 20 minutes away from me that carries an assortment of food that I could normally get from Petco (if there was one nearby--sigh). Any thoughts on Innova, Natural Balance, Orijen, Merrick, Royal Canin, Blackwood & Canidae? I had considered switching the dogs to something which will hopefully be cheaper than Blue Buffalo and of a better quality if that is even possible. If not--back to BB, the dogs really like it. I'm kind of worried that it isn't agreeing with Cloud (or something isn't) cause he had some righteous gas lately and worse than normal. Maybe I should invest in a gas mask? Lol


  1. I've never heard of Blackwood, but of the others that you listed, the only one I would definitely not get is Royal Canin (poor ingredients). Innova & Orijen are grain free and have lots of protein and fat, so that is something to think about. I've heard good things about Natural Balance, Merrick & Canidae (but Gibson did not like Canidae for some reason). It's a confusing thing, dog food, but it's so nice when you find a brand you are really happy with! :)

  2. I don't know much about these foods, unfortunately. A friend was feeding her dogs Merrick. They enjoyed it, but she switched to Wellness, because I think Merrick has a lot of fillers in it. Sadie eats Wellness and loves it. She is on the weight management formula, actually.

  3. You can walk in the rain.. lol I gave up on the umbrella when we got Gus. I wear a baseball hat and then put my hood up on either my hoody or my rain jacket. The hat keeps the hood from sliding back and the rain out of your face! :)

    Indy was like that too when we started walking again in June, just give Morningstar lots of encouragement and she will do her best to keep up!

    I don't know much about the food brands you listed off, I feed my guys Nutro, it seems to work well and they only have gas if they ate something outside.

  4. I feed Canidae ALS since I've had Ein, and have been happy with it. The price isn't bad, 35 lb. bag for $44.

    I've heard that Innova, Natural Balance, & Orijen are good foods.

    It looks like Royal Canin and Blackwood contains corn..so I wouldn't go with those.

    Maybe the store can provide you with samples to see which food the dogs like?

  5. Wow, sounds like you have a busy house. I hope things calm down and they all end up loving each other. :)