Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bath Time with Freya

Initially, when Freya got her first bath, she absolutely hated it! It took a few more tries before she finally realized that she was stuck in the torture. At one point, to my chagrin, she hopped out of the tub. When that happened, it had been a while since I had last given her a bath and well...I didn't account for her growth spurt during that time. But this universal thing happens to her that I've noticed in all the dogs I've had in my life--she utterly flips out.

Frapping (Frantic Random Acts of Play) or zoomies, seem to happen after a bath. I think it is the cutest and funniest thing I've seen happen too. Sorry, if the video is a bit long. I couldn't resist filming her on my phone.


  1. Haha too cute and funny!
    Gus is starting to like bath times, last time he jumped in on his own and that startled me!
    Indy runs and hides but they both have zoomies afterwards. Gus loves to attack the towel when I dry him so that part doesn't usually go so well!

  2. It really is INSANE how totally cute they are when they start FRAPping all over the place, and I think just about every dog that I've ever had has done that after a bath. You can save that and whenever you are down, just watch it to bring your spirits up! It's like selling happiness on a tape! LOL

  3. 老天爺賦予了強者的能力,就是要他比弱者多擔待 ..................................................