Sunday, April 18, 2010

Truth About Poop

Folks, I have a horrible truth that must be told. My little girl has been partaking in the eating of a nasty delicacy (in her mind it's a delicacy) known as her poop. She was doing it for a least when Morningstar first came here was when I think it may have started.

I dismissed it initially. I thought perhaps it was a fluke, but then there came times in which she would regurgitate her contents...and well the truth is in the poop. I have to say that was the nastiest, most gag inducing day of my life.

I tried everything I could. Special powder on both Freya and Cloud's food. I tried fresh pineapple. I tried giving her more food. I did tons of research on the subject, which then suggested I should cut down her food and give her more fiber. Finally, I talked to the doctor about it.

Well, because Freya looked to be good in health and the blood tests came out great. He suggested that Freya decided to feast on her foul droppings because she was bored. She never did it as a puppy, but man did she pick it up after she was a year old.

The habit seemed to have slowed down now that we walk together some nights. I think even grooming her (her most hated ritual of being a dog) and brushing her teeth may have helped as well. I think my pain and lack of focus may have driven her to "comfort" eating. That is the only guess that I can make.

Don't get me wrong. She is still a little hoover. She will eat anything in her path that may be food...vegetation in the backyard for example. I do believe my little girl will always keep me on my toes.


  1. Right on Freya! I recycle my poop too! I figure I'm saving the world one poop at a time... you can read about it on our blog. Wanna poo poo kiss?


  2. Heavy sigh....A friend suggested feeding fig newtons for 5 days, guaranteed to stop it, but no such luck. I have 3 corgi boys, and they tend to follow each other's trail, well, you get the idea. I am afraid a never ending battle begins as soon as they start that, and immediate pickup, and distraction is the only thing. Needless to say, no more kisses, up close and personal, from my beloveds !

  3. Oh those little ripsnorts!
    Darn kids!!

    Freya has the most joyous face, just love the expression she has in your header photo.

  4. Yuck, sometimes Starr does that. It always grosses me out.

  5. Lois: You may also want to look at your food too. The Vet suggested food could be an issue. I knew that wasn't an issue with Freya as she was on Blue Buffalo and is currently on Canidae which are both pretty good foods according to dog food analysis website.

    You should try giving your dogs pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, but it's in the same aisle) as it has a lot of fiber in it. That was going to be my next step.

    It saddens me that I can't kiss Freya any more or allow her to do it...Lord knows what she's eating.

  6. We had 3 dogs who did taught the other, and then the next. Disgusting and vile! Our Vet said that some dogs just do it and their isn't much you can do about it other than pick up the stuff as soon as it happens. That doesn't always work though. Bleh!

    We count ourselves very lucky that BnB don't partake. We've been known to give our chest a good clutch whenever we think we may have spotted one of them giving it a try! Noooooooooo!

  7. Ick! Mine likes cat or raccoon poo and they enjoy doing it in our backyard. I am SO CLOSE to lacing our yard with arsenic, it isn't even funny. Plus the 3 am wake up calls as my cat freaks out at the strange cat on our patio is driving me crazy.

    Having a dog vomit up poo that they ate is the worst thing ever and I am gagging just remembering it. *gag*

    Glad to hear it isn't something she is doing because of nutritional issues. :p Good luck!

  8. Another hint that has worked about 85% of the time. Fig Newtons cookies. There's something in them that breaks down whatever it is in the poopie that makes it taste good. If you'd like to do a test, eat a turd before your dog gets a fig Newton and then about a day afterward, eat another turd. I've heard they are just not as tasty - or what that supposed to be the dog eating the turds. Uhm, better go read that again. BUT, it does work. Takes about a week to 10 days for it to be in the dog's system enough to make a difference.