Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the Topic of Names

I know a lot people fret about naming their dogs, cats, babies, or other pets (and miscellaneous items such as cars and tvs and stuff.) I, however, am not really one of those people any more. I used to be, back when I was a kid and had no idea of the world. But now that I've had some years to view the world, read books, and watch some tv...I have a huge plethora of a name base that I go through.

The first pets I named in my method were Zainal and Seven. They were my cats (now one is my mom and Seven just disappeared one day :(.) Anyway, I was a huge Anne McCaffrey fan at the time and had just finished reading "Freedom's Landing" where I fell in love with the character Zainal, who was a feline looking alien--oh the irony. Zainal is my sweet boy. Whenever I was down he would cuddle with me. But I can't have him as Cloud would kill him and I can't deal with that. Seven got her name from Star Trek: Voyager---the borg human named Seven of Nine. Mom thought I was naming her Lucky Seven...oh the inner geek could not do such a thing!

Morningstar got her name...well I kind of looked down at her when we first got her and asked her what her name was. The first name to pop in my head was Morningstar. Of course, at the time I didn't correlate this with the fact that I was reading through Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series.

But when it came down to naming Freya, I went about the mythology route first. I picked a couple of names that I liked. Then I went through the Comic book world, the Anime world, the Book world...and every other world that I loved growing up. Did I mention I was an epic nerd? Oh yeah, totally am.

I narrowed it down to Lucy, Willow, Jubilee, and Freya. Then I met my little girl....and she was the deciding factor in her name. I was heavily leaning towards Jubilee but she was heavily leaning towards Freya. Such is how it goes. I leave it up to the animal or the item to give me a vibe....to make the final decision.

How did you come about naming your pets?


  1. I love 7 of 9!! :)

    Misfit came named and with his snarky kitty attitude, it totally suits him. My husband named our 2nd cat Galore after the character in James Bond. But we call her skitz since she startles so easily. Most people don't believe us when we say we have 2 cats, they never see her!
    Indy.. well that took about 2 days to name her. We ended up naming her after she finished her indy car races around my friend's car while we were camping. It was so funny and well the name suits her well.
    Gus came named as well but I like to think they named him after the Gusgus in Cinderella. Because he is a Gusgus! lol

    Re bully sticks, i don't know how it works but i have come across man-made ones. The real ones only have 1 ingrediant lol, the fake ones have way more. :)

  2. We had tv shows name our pets, haha.

    Our cat who is no longer with us in the world anymore, was named Wa-shu after an anime called Tenchi Muyo.

    We named Ein after the corgi in an anime called, Cowboy Bebop. That's how we were introduced to the breed.

    Then we got Brian, who was named after the talking dog in Family Guy. He fits Brian's personality since he's a talker for sure!

    Someday, we are planning to get a rabbit named Sheldon soon...after a character's name in The Big Bang Theory. And a cat named Stewie...maybe.

  3. Harley - we adopted him and he already knew that name so we didn't change it on him

    Samick - It is the name of a musical equipment company and I just thought it was a unique and cool name for a dog.

    Starr - I used to be into soaps and one of the girls was Starr and just liked it

    Sagira - my husband did this one. We used to call Sagira "little one" so once we decided to adopt her my husband went online to find a name that meant little one.

  4. Total Star Trek Fans around here, too! (And Big Bang, and Anne McCaffery, and Mrs. Murphy Mystery's, and Lord of the Rings... etc, etc.)

    OC is short for Ornery Cuss (and she IS too!... always has been since she was a tiny pup!)

    BG is short for Bud's Grandson (OC's Dad was named Buddy)

    Dott is short for Dorothy Joy Wigglebottom (my Son's dog and she lives up to her name... She also had a "dot" marking on her neck when she was tiny which has turned into a Star Trek insignia, much to his delight!)

    Gimli is named for the Dwarf (Corgis are called "dwarf dogs") in Lord of the Rings

    Pippin was originally called Neelix by my son (for Star Trek and the fact that Corgis are high enough to lick your knees) but when Hubby decided to keep him, he renamed him Pippin because he is so small (like his mom) and for Lord of the Rings

    Mercy: Son wanted to name a female pup Mercy and then when she was born, (See Sept. 2 post) she had a little angel on her neck so he said that she was an Angel of Mercy...

    Sadie (Border Collie) had her name when we got her, and did Tuffy (Palomino horse.)

    I named Cory, Coronado King (Peruvian Horse)and it got shortened to Cory.