Friday, April 16, 2010

Sleeping with Doggies

I love sleeping with the dogs. But no one really talks about the possible dangerous aspects or rather maybe the people who do, don't usually have a dog as small as Freya sleeping with them. I remember while I was still recovering from surgery and the dogs were sleeping with us and I was trying to get comfortable and I snapped awake when I felt wiggling from where I threw a leg out of the covers to sleep on my side. Apparently, Freya ended up sleeping with us and I woke up heart pounding and pulled her up to my chest--she was dazed still so she let me do all of that.

So, it is very important to know if a dog is sleeping with you, otherwise it could have some dire consequences. That ends my Public Announcement.

The photo above is how Freya likes to sleep. I hate it. I curl up on my side to start and end up stretching through out the night--nothing worse than finding a lump that isn't budging. But Freya is annoying in that she likes to hop on the bed. I mean literally, she turns into a little bunny hopping all over the bed to avoid being put down on the floor. She also really loves her daddy and wants to sleep next to him, which naturally he hates. Where as I love for her to sleep on my tummy, but I only get the rare occasion of that as she usually sleeps by our legs.

Cloud likes to sleep between me and the wall--so our bed is pretty full. I get no foot space and the boyfriend gets maybe an inch of bed before he could feasibly fall over. I'm not really sure who has it worse me or him. Lol. Sometimes, Cloud will sleep on the couch, which is what he prefers after a night of me nudging for space.

But I will say this. I love going to bed and having the dogs go with me to keep me warm in the winter. It is especially nice if I'm in pain and Freya is sleeping on my tummy cause it feels loads better. She makes an awesome heating pad, at the same rate...when she steps on my tummy--not so happy.

It took Freya almost a year before she could sleep with us. Prior to that, when she was a puppy, she would continually pee on the bed if she managed to get up there. No idea what spawned that reaction, but because of that and because of her destructive ways, she was kenneled the bulk of her young life until she hit her year mark. Now Cloud was sleeping with us from the get go. He was good with it, I guess it depends on the dog. The only reason they don't sleep with us is if we are too sick or we are sick of them freaking out about a sound or something in the house that can't be helped.


  1. Sadie sleeps with me on the bed. Well, more like she sleeps on top of me haha. She always has to be touching me. And usually sleeps in between my legs (I sleep on my stomach). It makes it rather difficult for me to move though haha.

  2. I'm surrounded by corgi kids each and every night. They 'allow' me in the king sized bed...they claim it, and they own it. No discussion! I love to hold their paws as we all settle down for a long nappy poo!
    They're warm, and smell like fritoes!

  3. I would have Ein and Brian sleep on our bed but considering the way I sleep, they would end up on the floor lol

  4. We have Sagira and Starr in our bed. Sagira sleeps on Jeremy's pillow and Starr sleeps at the foot of the bed. Samick and Harley are usually around somewhere but don't get on the bed.

  5. Both Hubby and I are LARGE people and we have a Cal-King waterbed. We each have approximately 10-12 inches along each edge of the bed to sleep on because Pippin sleeps between our heads, BG sleeps between our shoulders and upper backs, Mercy sleeps between our lower backs, OC sleeps between our legs, and Gimli sleeps across the foot of my side since I'm short. Dott sleeps with her Dad in HIS room. Talk about CROWDED!!!

  6. Indy is a great bed sleeper. She curls right up and sleeps under the covers and occasionally comes up for air. Gus gets hot and throws himself around. So they only time they sleep with me is when my husband works nights and I don't work the next day! :)