Thursday, October 15, 2009

Updated: Go Bananas, Go, Go, Bananas!

Woot, got my cell phone camera to work!

Freya as a pumpkin puppy. She actually didn't mind this costume one bit--surprisingly. Maybe it was because she was intent on the dog in front of her that she didn't care what I was doing to her.

The Freygon! Beware, this little thing will spit fire in your direction. Surprisingly, she didn't mind this one either--such a weird dog. I suspect it may have something to do with the attention she's getting and the fact her big brother isn't anywhere near her.

Here's one of the pictures I managed to get off my camera. I also have 2 others on my cell phone but I'm having issues with that as it always downloads into an unreadable file for some reason. Electronics are not my friend this month.

So I had to take this costume back because it was too big. Freya--let me say this--really hated this costume. She was beyond humiliated. The first thing she did when I put the main piece of the costume on was hide her face in the pillows on our bed. It was quite hilarious and I laughed very hard.

She kept the costume on long enough for me to snap these two pics. I considered the mental welfare of Freya and decided against on getting this costume again in a smaller size just cause she seemed to hate it so much. Cloud also disapproved as he tried to attack her almost immediately when she jumped off the bed to get away from the embarrassment.

Edit: I'm also participating in this
Go check it out. If the button doesn't work--Brutus is on my list to the right.


  1. Omg she looks so cute! Poor thing, Indy hates clothes of any kind and if she sees something I have made her wear before, she takes off and hides lol.

    I do watch heroes, I haven't seen this weeks yet but I am having issues with this season so far. Its kind of boring? :(

  2. Evil little doggy, evil you! lol

    email me if you have any hereos questions.. lol akent 10 @ :)

    Season 3 is on tv right now.

  3. That, is one of the kookiest, strangest, funniest things ever seen. It's burned on my retinas for life! ha!

  4. OH I love the dragon costume!!

  5. Aww...Freya, we could have a been a "bunch" of bananas. We would have won some contests for sure!

  6. Hi there!
    Don't know why I haven't been getting updates on your posts - it must be Blogger plotting against me again.... That banana costume is truly ridiculous! Poor Freya... But a great thing to have gotten a few pictures of :)

    Brutus the Frenchie