Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Petsmart Howloween

Tonight was the Petsmart Howloween. I had to partake in the fun--sadly, I only got a few pics of Freya and a sweet pup as well. Freya was such a handful that between her trying to meet people and dogs and me trying to take pictures and not tripping on her leash. I gave up after a while and just enjoyed the show!

So, Freya got her Petsmart picture done in two seconds flat. I felt bad for everyone else who was waiting in line to get their photos made as they wanted perfect pictures and their dogs just weren't cooperating at all. I don't care. I'm just happy that Freya stayed still long enough for me to snap a picture half the time anyway. Of course, I have to say--Freya is a natural poser anyway.

Since she was a little pup--she has been posing for me without any real prompts. She just sit there and looks up at me and so cute doing it.

Anyway, I saw some cute dogs there. I wish I could sew or was more crafty. But hey, there's next year, right? I have ample time to learn how to sew for myself and for Freya :D.

Pictures of costumes on the next post!

Have to say Freya wasn't feeling it too much or maybe she just wanted to get it done with. I didn't stay for the parade cause I wasn't feeling good. But we did score a free treat bag which was fairly awesome--I need to take a picture of it too before it's all gone.


  1. Fun :) I always forget about the costume parties they have at pet stores..

    Oh and sorry you do not have a petco closer :( They do have the best food selection!

  2. That is funny, Gus is a huge poser too.. to the point where he will drop what he is doing and come running when he sees the camera!

  3. We went to our local Petsmart as well. I was sad to see how many people were bashing Petsmart on Facebook though. Sagira ended up with a 3rd place price in her banana costume.