Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorta Wordless Wednesday Climbing Ladders Could Happen

This happened a couple of weeks ago--ok a month now. Freya was trying to follow her dad up the ladder as she never saw one before in her life. We thought there was something in the attic and the man went up to investigate. I stood by and took cute pictures of Freya.

Also--we're not alcoholics. We just happen to brew our own beers and mead and need bottles all the time.


  1. Cute!

    haha, and I'm not judging :) That's awesome that you brew your own beer! You should do a post on it sometime :)

  2. That is adorable!

    No worries about the bottles.. we sit on our empties until I have a huge collection that way taking them back is worth more :)

  3. he hee...I didn't even notice the bottles. Freya is so dang cute..."hey Dad, c'mere!"