Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, I haven't really posted since last week and I deeply apologize. We had a family emergency where I had to take my boyfriend to the er to see about that nagging appendix of his. Evidently, the Appendix rebelled against the norm and wanted its freedom.

He's doing well and recuperating currently so I'm running the show all by myself currently. It's quite the chore to keep the dogs from the bed and away from his stomach, let me tell you!

I also got to meet the most gorgeous little girl in the whole wide world. She's a dog of course. If she shows up again I'm going to try and get her to a shelter that won't put her down. It looks like she has an undocked corgi tail--has a double coat, but a pit head. She's got shorter than normal legs too which leads me to think she's a corgi mix. Oh and the most beautiful eyes--one eye is half blue and half brown and the other is fully brown. So wish me luck. If she comes tonight, I'm taking her to the volunteers house to get her set up.


  1. She sounds like a pretty girl...hope she finds a home.

  2. Oh no! Hope your boyfriend is doing well and gets better quickly.

    Poor little puppy, good luck!

  3. Glad the b/f is feeling better and I sure do hope you are able to help that sweet girl.