Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suddenly Affection

I think it's cute that Freya finally learned how to use her ears fully. I always thought that was something that puppies new instinctively, but I guess I was wrong on that front. But now that she's close to 3 months old, she can fully put her ear back in a happy manner. It makes me so happy! I look at her and for once her ears are back instead of looking at me all solemn like. I swear, she is the most solemn looking puppy I've ever seen.

It's odd how she wasn't terribly affectionate when I first got her. I don't know if it is because I got her entirely too early or what. She would seek me out for protection form our Weimaraner when he was in a frenzy mode, but now she can handle her own better--she finds a corner or a hole to hide from him.

But lately, she starts whining at me and I pick her up and set her on my lap and she stays for longer than a minute. She fell asleep on my lap again after the first time since I got her. She actually lets me hold her longer than she has before and I'm not sure what happened.

But yay, thank you for being more affectionate. This week was the first time I actually vocally told her that I loved her. I know it's silly, but I was worried that something would happen. I've had to put down a kitten that I got because something bit the base of her tail and was very poisonous and she wasn't going to make it no matter what we did to save her.

At any rate, in four days, Freya will be officially 3 months old! Yay--she's getting so big too!

I've increased her food recently. Since I got her, I was feeding her 1/4 cup of food 3 times a day--that's on Avoderm and the Blue Buffalo. She's now getting a 1/2 cup. She still seems like she's hungry. She's crazy enough that if I'm late on feeding her--she will eat anything that's around, and I mean anything. I caught her trying to eat a penny.

I've done the rib check and I ask my boyfriend to help me too (mainly cause he's the only one who's actually had healthy weight dogs and I'm just starting out on this venture on my own.) She's got a little thicker skin around her ribs, but you can feel it. Before, she you could feel her ribs pretty easily. I feel bad that I didn't think to up her food sooner. Bah, bad me.


  1. Its great when they are suddenly affectionate isnt it?? :) Gibson would hide under the furniture to get away from us for the first month or so when we got him!

  2. Yup, he just did not want to be held or touched when we first got him.. but that quickly changed!!

    (P.S., you can respond to my posts here, I'll read them!! :))

  3. They really do talk with their ears I've noticed as a fellow corgimom. That, and they shift their eyebrows and eyes when their head is down. Very expressive. They are little piggies and would eat non-stop if we'd let them. I never had so much fun, as I have, being a mama to 2 corgis. love'em!