Thursday, January 15, 2009

Supplies I want and will get


This is an example of "want" but will not get. I think it would be nice to have, especially for the puppy on the go. Carry enzyme cleaner for her pee spots, carry a portable water bowl and food and snacks. Maybe even carry the extra blankets or towels--definitely baby wipes! At walmart online only for 16.84. The price excites me, but there is more I need to buy. Sadness...


This I will get for her crate. I saw a liner, which acts similar that you can put in your car or the crate that was for about 10 bucks at walmart--that I may get instead of this. Anything washable is a must! Freya still has accidents in her crate. Thankfully, no accidents in her sleeping kennel.

3. Another item I'm interested in getting, not sure how adjustable it is.


Not sure which I'll get but it is time for her first bath!

5. Toothbrush set for Freya!

6.Styptic Powder in case I cut too close to the quick.

7. Either furbuster or a furminator from the mycorgi store on amazon. I may try the shed ender product...yes it is one of those As Seen On Tv deals.

8. One of these but...I'm not sure if it will keep a Weim in the back. May just get both of them straps.

9. I may break down and buy one of those poo bags and the carriers. I don't know. I am not always lucky enough to have a stashed walmart or kroger bag in my car when we go places. This will be necessary when we go walking more.

10. Another chewie, maybe a puppy teething ring? I always get so flustered at petsmart and just leave.

11. Scotchguard for my car! Should've done this when I first got the car about 2 years ago...but I was lazy. I now have some stains in it I have been lucky that the one time Cloud had explosive diarrhea, he was able to contain himself til we took him out of my car. My boyfriend, however, was not so fortunate.

I will definitely scotchguard if I don't get a seat cover or protector.

12. More towels for Freya. Currently, in her kennel that's all she's got in there. She's still have problems holding her pee so, she's constantly peeing in there. I'm happy she's managed to hold her poo at least. Since she doesn't eat or sleep in that kennel, I'm not totally surprised by this--and the fact it is incredibly big for her.

13. Eventually, when she can't wear the blue collar I got her, I want to switch to a purple one! The blue is killing me, not because it is blue (I like it) but because everyone thinks she is a boy--understandably. I will most likely get a martingale and perhaps a harness for car trips. Who knows.

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  1. haha, I am just now catching up on all the puppy supplies I've wanted since August! It takes time and there is a lot of stuff to get. Oh and fyi, corn starch is a great alternative to styptic powder. That's what I always used on my hedgehogs nails and recently used it for Gibson's when he wore them down too much walking!