Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh the Calamity!

Dearest Freya,

I am most surprised that you don't hate my by now. After yesterday's torment, I am quite surprised that you gave me one of the greatest gift ever--sleeping on my lap. I guess you do trust me after all, huh?

I have to say that I just noticed the faintest dusting of white on your forehead. It's closer to your star but still--these are new. I also noticed, while torturing with the clippers, that you have one black toe nail with the pad of that foot being partially black too. Are you trying to trick me? If so, you are doing a great job! I still can't figure out your color--you keep sprouting more black and more white spots on your body that I don't know what you will be--other than my foxy Freya baby.

You should thank me for giving you a bath. You were one stinky corgi girl! I even warmed the bathtub for you, otherwise it would have been bone chilling cold instead of really warm. I couldn't help but notice that you didn't like the spray of the shower head. I guess I'm relegated to cup to cleanse you.

At one point, I found myself in the tub with you. I was hoping that this would calm you. I ended up with scratch marks. You were quite happy (and cold) when we got out of the tub. I rubbed you dry as best as I could. Then came the next torturing device...

The blow dryer doesn't seem to be your best friend. Why, Freya? Do you not want to be dryer faster and be warm? I guess not.

Afterward, we cut your nails. Initially, it was just my job and your back feet were a snap (pun totally intended) because you had treats! Treats are awesome...but then your front paws were sooo much harder to trim. Once again, I got more scratches....

But after all that is said and done--you got your dinner with yogurt and you loved it!

Now, if only you would pee and poop consistently outside and not just pee in the carpet.

Until, I still and will always love you!


Your Hooman--Cat

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  1. I know what you mean about changing colors & markings! Frankie changes everyday! Today I'm really seeing his colors get darker. I've been trying to take lots of pictures everyday to document all the changes before I miss them :) Frankie had his first bath the other day...he was so stinky! :)