Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, I was informed by the animal control that there is a special mat that's at the entrance of the shelter filled with disinfectants that kills the parvo virus. So, Freya's diarrhea is from the olive oil. Yay.

I'm starting to switch her to Blue Buffalo puppy. It seems that she loves it more than the Avoderm. Our Weim even loves the Blue better too! He actually was protective of his food for once. They both seem to be doing well on it. Freya will be on half and half until all of the Avoderm is gone.

Also, while talking to the animal control officer, who also does obedience training on the side, she mentioned a class in February for 6 weeks in the area. That sounds great and Freya maybe old enough by then. It's the Kennel club that will be running it. I hope it will be a good class.

I can't believe how loving Freya has been lately. It is odd. She won't stay in my lap for any length of time, but she will sit close by. She's also starting to lick me more than bite. That's a nice break. She is every bit not a cuddler as Cloud is one. How funny, I'm the cuddle bug in the relationship and my boyfriend isn't. We both got dogs that is similar to the other.

Oh well, at least I can cuddle with Cloud and he is happier for it.

As Freya gets older, I noticed that she is having more control over her ear movements than before. She's staring to put them back more, like happy puppy style (I hope) instead of it leaving it perked and upright all the time. She is now able to see what's going no in the tub instead of only her nose showing. She is also able to see over her sleeping box, which soon will be changed over to her day kennel. Initially, I didn't have the money to pay for her kennel but Christmas money and a sale made that happen. Too bad I didn't know about Tractor Supply sooner.

She's getting so big! I wonder what her weight will be when she gets full size.

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