Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I was a little worried when I first saw Freya, I thought her eyes were too small. Of course, boyfriend said that I worried too much and that puppies grow in spurts. He was right on all accounts. Her eyes, thankfully kept up with her head.

It seems that every time I put her to bed, time goes quick and she wakes up a different color or something is bigger.

Her paws started to catch up with her body, she seems longer now. Her biting has calmed down significantly but she still likes to attack whatever clothing item I am trying to put on at that moment.

But, she always sits when it is meal time and well whenever I look at her, she sits. That was a puppy trait she came with that helped me teach her to sit. I encourage it. She knows when I grab the bowl, it is food time and she won't whine about being in her sleeping box.

She's taken to digging and the Weim helps her.

Whenever the train comes by, our Weim goes out and howls at it. Now, Freya, started to bark with him--it's cute. I know that last night she was barking at something, not sure what, but eventually the Weim went out and investigated the scene. Nothing seemed out of the norm and the Weim came back and cuddled with me.

I wish I could trust Freya in the bed with me. So far, she has peed in the bed 3 times and pooped once--and this is after taking her potty and watching her do both. I want to cuddle with her more, but the blanket has to be professionally washed and I don't want to take it while it is so cold outside. Sadness...I hope she outgrows this.

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