Friday, January 9, 2009

2 months

I revamped the site some. I still have to go back through the html until I get things they way I want it. Then I have to gimp so photos of Freya and make a header. I get a geeky side part of having a puppy and that's awesome!

Freya turned 9 weeks on the first of January. The vet staff, as usual, went gaga over the little girl. I had a different vet this time. They rotate Saturdays and this one said the same thing as the last--"I've never seen one around this area! Oh, isn't she gorgeous." They didn't do a fecal exam this time, which the pup didn't mind, and she weighed 8 pounds at 8 weeks. She also got her second round of shots, which she hated. She cried immediately.

The worst thing though, was not even Freya. My mom called me Friday night and told me that something was wrong with Morningstar--her Chihuahua/pug mix. Outside of that dog being morbidly obese (which is a whole story unto itself) her skin was tremendously hot pink.

So carrying Morningstar into the vet last minute plus carrying a carrier with a scared puppy was very hard indeed! They gave Morningstar a steroid shot and some allergy meds. He suggested that it was possibly from some detergent, or the bengay my mom put on her, or carpet cleaner--essentially, he didn't know. I know she has a grass allergy. When she was a pup and the grass was a bit higher, yeah, she got hivey.

I'm just very glad that Morningstar wasn't contagious. On New Year's Freya played with her and the other chug, Angel. I'm also very glad that they let me bring her along last minute. I tried calling, but since they didn't open until 8:30 and I called at 8--I wasn't 100% sure. Though if you looked at a lumpy, hivey chug with hot pink skin--I don't think anyone would turn that away.

Oh, Morningstar is doing much better now.

Freya has diarrhea and I'm hoping it is because of the garlic/parmesan/olive oil drippings I mixed into her kibble as a treat and not because I helped out at the Animal shelter (that had 3 out breaks of Parvo since I've been working with the city.)

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